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Fall 2022

Current TRAHL Champs: Nates Nuts!

Pawned Stars rolled to a devistating 6-2 lead at the half way point of the game, but Nate's Nuts roared back to seal the game with under 4 minutes remaining to win, 8-7!

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A competative, adult recreational hockey league in Tri-Cities, Washington.
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Here are the current rules. The rules are subject to amendment and/or modification. All rules are decided on my the league coordinators and the team captains.

B Division rules

  1. We follow all USA Hockey rules except as noted here.
  2. No fighting. One fight will result in an immediate ejection, and suspension from the players next 2 games (in addition to any other misconducts assigned by the refs) with no refund. A 2nd fight within the same session and the player is suspended for the rest of that session and the following one. In addition, anyone getting into one fight is subject to a hearing before the disciplinary board for possible additional penalties. Any player(s) receiving a fighting major during a CBC game must serve a minimum 2 game suspension during their next scheduled B League games, and are not allowed to play in another CBC game until their suspension is served.
  3. Per USA Hockey Rules, any blatant intent to injure someone (spearing, vicious checking from behind, etc.) will be an automatic minimum 3 game suspension with a hearing before the disciplinary board per USA hockey rules. Suspensions can be appealed to the disciplinary board. Decisions of the board are final.
  4. Per USA Hockey rules, a player receiving a game misconduct is out for the rest of that game and the next one too. No subs are allowed for skaters receiving game misconducts. However, subs are allowed for goalies receiving game misconducts. Any suspensions received from major penalties or game misconducts received during a CBC game shall be served during the players next scheduled B League game(s), and that player is not allowed to play in another CBC game until their suspension is served.
  5. If you get 3 game misconducts in any session, you are done for that session, and cannot play in the next one. After that, if you ever get 2 game misconducts in any session, you are done for that session, and cannot play in the next one.
  6. Slapshots are not allowed. All shots must be below the waist on the backswing. Any shot that goes above the waist on the backswing will be treated the same as icing with the faceoff back in the offenders zone.
  7. No one is allowed to score more than 3 goals during regulation play. They can however participate and score for any overtime and/or shootout. If player does score a 4th goal in regulation, it will be treated the same as icing with the ensuing faceoff at the opposite end of the ice. A player scoring a 5th goal will result in a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  8. No checking. But remember this is a contact sport so even though no check, do expect contact and to get bumped around and/or knocked over.
  9. Game time will be three, 20 minute run clock periods. For the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period, when the score is within 2, it will be stop clock.
  10. Minor penalties will be 3 minutes and Majors 7 minutes due to run clock. If occuring during stop clock, they will be 2 minutes and 5 minutes, respectively. 10 minute misconducts will still be 10 minutes. Getting a 4th penalty within a game results in an automatic ejection from that game, but not a game misconduct.
  11. No ties. If tied at the end of regulation, there will be 3 on 3 sudden death overtime for 5 minutes of run clock. If still tied, there will be a 3-man shootout. If still tied, shootout will continue until one team wins, same as NHL/WHL. No one can shoot twice until everyone shoots once. If you are in the penalty box at the end of a regulation tie, you are not allowed to participate in the shootout. Subs can participate in shootouts.
  12. Each team gets one 30 second timeout per game.
  13. Tie Breakers: 1. Most Wins, 2. Head to Head, 3. Fewest Goals Against, 4. Most Goals For, 5. Least Penalty Minutes, 6. Coin Toss (Note for 3+ way ties: If two teams remain tied after a third team or other teams are eliminated, the tiebreaker reverts to step 1 for those 2 teams. Once a team has won a tiebreaker, if two or more teams are still tied, revert back to step 1 for those teams.)
  14. Suspensions earned in any of the leagues under the TRAHL umbrella - B league & Summer Freeze, C league & Novice Summer Freeze - will take effect in all TRAHL leagues until suspension is expired on the team it was received.
  15. The act of obtaining subs is handled by the captains. Illegal subbing will result in a forfeit of that game, with a chance of additional punishment. You may only get a player of equal or lower skill rating. In playoffs, for non-consolation games, you may only get a player of a lower skill rating as a sub. A consolation game is any game that does not directly impact the championship game. The 3rd/4th place game is a consolation game.
  16. Players may sub for each team once.
  17. You register as a skater or a goalie. Goalies may not skate out. Skaters may only play goalie if all other goalie subs have been contacted.

If you have questions about a rule please contact your team captain or your division coordinator by emailing trahlwebmaster@gmail.com.

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