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Skill Levels for TRAHL Explained


Summer 2023

Current TRAHL Champs: Ice Bandits!

Ice Bandits came from 1 goal down twice against the Timelords to take a tie into overtime. No goals in OT meant a shootout, and Ice Bandits came out on top!

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A competative, adult recreational hockey league in Tri-Cities, Washington.
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Skill Levels

When trying to rate a player in your league and insure that they are in the proper level it is important to factor in as much information on him/her as possible. Not only is it important to understand how they play the game currently, but equally important is knowing their playing history. Before a player can be placed in the proper level you must determine the different levels of play that you want to implement into your league. Below is a guideline that USA Hockey utilizes that may help you determine divisions for your league. These can be altered to suit the needs of your program.

This player is a beginner in the truest sense of the word. He/she has begun playing the game as an adult and may only have one to five years of playing experience. The basic skills of the game i.e. skating, shooting, and passing are in their infancy and are the main focus of their development.

This player may have three or more years of playing experience mainly as an adult.He/She is showing improvement and comfort with the basic skills of the game. Forward skating has improved but transitions are still uncomfortable i.e. crossovers with some ability to skate backwards.

This player is considered a “C” level player which can be broken up into two levels (example: C1 and C2). He/she may be a less experienced adult recreational player with some youth hockey playing experience up to the Bantam house level. The player has limited understanding of where they should be positioned on the ice. Forward and backward skating may be somewhat strong, but maneuverability and transition still needs work.

This player is a C+ or B- level player. He/she might be an experienced adult recreational player and may have played up to midget or high school in a non-traditional hockey area for these levels.

This player is an advanced level adult player with high level basic hockey skills. He/she also has a very high understanding of team play and where they should be positional on the ice. Forward and backward skating skills are strong  with good maneuverability and transition. They may have played at the high school varsity level in Minnesota or the non-varsity college level (ACHA).

This player has mastered the basic skills of the game and would be considered an elite level adult player. He/She probably has played at the highest levels of organized hockey i.e. professionally any where in the world or  division I and III college hockey. Also, in this category would be junior players from the United States and Canada.

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