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Skill Levels for TRAHL Explained


Fall 2022

Current TRAHL Champs: Nates Nuts!

Pawned Stars rolled to a devistating 6-2 lead at the half way point of the game, but Nate's Nuts roared back to seal the game with under 4 minutes remaining to win, 8-7!

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A competative, adult recreational hockey league in Tri-Cities, Washington.
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Skill Levels

This will replace draft round subbing. If you are missing an Advanced, you can sub anyone. Missing Silver, you can sub Silver and lower. Etc. It will also be what we use for determining Summer Freeze team parity. Potentially limiting the amount of Advanced players per team in B and Intermediate in C.

There are new levels which can be found at the link provided below.  Same basic premise, players divided into skill levels for the purposes of substitution and draft.



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