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TRAHL Scorekeeping Counts

The counts of how many times a person has run clock and done scoresheet duties.

Fall 2022

Current TRAHL Champs: Nates Nuts!

Pawned Stars rolled to a devistating 6-2 lead at the half way point of the game, but Nate's Nuts roared back to seal the game with under 4 minutes remaining to win, 8-7!

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A competative, adult recreational hockey league in Tri-Cities, Washington.
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TRAHL Scorekeepers

Scorekeepers in the current session
  • Cathie Caron: 2
  • Chandan Singh: 2
  • Christian Meyer: 2
  • Desiree McFadden: 3
  • Graham Hall-Mullen: 3
  • Robyn Sanders: 2
  • Sarah Coie: 4

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